About Us

Bringing you and your loved ones luxury spa quality treatments and products, through your letterbox, with love. Based in a quiet, rural location in Harby and drawing on years of experience in our beautiful spa retreat ‘Old Farm Spa’. We are a small, family run business that place our core values and ethics at the heart of everything we do. 
Old Farm Spa
We created Letterbox Beauty for two reasons…
  1. To deliver spa quality experiences and products that people can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Allowing people to experience a sense of wellbeing, relaxation and self care without the pressure to leave the house, arrange appointments, travel, plan childcare etc
  2. To make gifting that little piece of spa tranquillity super easy and stress free. Giving the gift of relaxation to those who may have stressful lifestyles, those who are going through a particularly tough time or simply those who struggle to switch off from everyday life. Give someone a moment, time to relax and time to de stress.
Established during Coronavirus lockdown in 2020… I was feeding our newborn baby, in the middle of the night. After our first baby, I had found being a new mum pretty tough, two children under two was always going to be hard work, but second time round I felt slightly more prepared. I was not, however, prepared for a pandemic to be thrown into the mix! We were forced to close the Spa, after building the business from scratch for over 17 years, I felt like it had been taken away from me, part of my identity, which as a new mum I clung on to pretty tightly! I did a lot of soul searching, what was it that upset me so much about the spa closing? I knew that when it was safe, that we would be able to reopen… I realised I felt an overwhelming feeling of uselessness, as a holistic health spa we provide a safe place, a haven, tranquility and relaxation to those in need. I thought of my immediate friends and family, all going through such different experiences, emotional rollercoasters of stresses and strains, I thought of my spa family, therapists and clients, all facing challenges of their own. With our doors firmly closed to stop the spread of Coronavirus, I couldn’t stop thinking how we could provide people with an opportunity to relax, switch off and escape. A moment of clarity in a very foggy sleep deprived haze… Letterbox Beauty, through your letterbox, with love!