Easy steps to create a spa experience at home

Easy steps to create a spa experience at home

Love that zen spa feeling when you visit a spa? Here's some easy tips to recreate that spa like feeling at home...

Set the mood 

Probably the most overlooked part but arguably the most important! Get the temperature right, you will probably want the room slightly warmer than usual to feel totally relaxed. Light a candle and dim the lights, a dimly lit room is more calming for your mind, helping you to switch off. Choose your favourite music, it doesn't have to be whale music or meditation, but it should be a slower tempo and relaxing. Use essential oils, either in a burner or diffuser to fragrance the air and immerse your senses in that spa like feel.


Fuel your body 

Whether the purpose of your experience is to cleanse or indulge, choose some snacks and drinks to bring with you into your spa retreat space. If you are looking to cleanse, then a herbal tea can be very beneficial, or if you feel the need to indulge, pour a lovely tipple of choice and savour every mouthful!


Be comfy 

This is time for you, put those comfy PJs on, use your fluffy dressing gown, use the snuggly blankets. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Choose a treatment or ritual 

You may want to do something simple and easy like a hot bath, or if you love the mindfulness of treatments, then choose whatever you fancy, facial, pedicure, body muds, there's plenty to choose from! Try to lay out your products in order and plan how you will use them. This helps you move through the stages without having to think about what comes next. Enjoy the process and don't get too hung up on doing things perfectly. 


Pick some entertainment 

It's important to soothe your mind as well as your body, this can be something simple like a good book or magazine. If reading isn't your thing, then find yourself a good film to escape into. SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE, one that lots of us struggle with, if you can't bring yourself to switch it off, at least avoid going onto social media or messaging, this is YOUR time.


Prepare for a restful night

Don't plan to do anything straight afterwards, you don't want to be checking the time and you can make the most of feeling relaxed and allow your body to recharge. Ideally try to get into bed at a reasonable time, there's nothing more healing than a good nights sleep. Pillow sprays and eye masks can be a godsend if you need a little bit of a helping hand!


I hope you found these tips useful, if you would like the hassle taking out of creating a spa experience, then our letterbox spa rituals are a wonderful way to enjoy a step by step treatment with all products and instructions included. We also have The Ultimate Spa Night In Hamper with all those added extras to create a blissful experience from start to finish. The most important thing about a spa experience at home is that it is time for YOU, so switch off and relax!

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