Aromatherapy - What is it and how can YOU use it?

Aromatherapy - What is it and how can YOU use it?

 As an Aromatherapist by trade I absolutely love seeing the immediate impact that essential oils can give, helping to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation to even the most stressed minds and bodies. People come in for a treatment and you can hear that big sigh and relax as they breathe in the smell of calming essential oils and drop their shoulders. But, what most people don’t realise is that the effect essential oils have on the body is SO much more than just a smell!

What is it?

Derived entirely from nature, these potent plant based oils come form a variety of sources (wood, petals, leaves, stems, peel and many more) their natural compounds are harnessed, allowing us to use them to enhance our physical and mental health in safe and beneficial ways.

These oils are NOT a synthetic chemical fragrance, they are 100% natural.

How can I use it?

In the Spa - As an Aromatherapist I blend pure, extracted, essential oils with carrier oils to use for massage. In this method the oils are absorbed through the skin, allowing the body to benefit from each of the essential oils within that particular blend. If you visit a professional Aromatherapist, they can tailor blends and oils to suit you specifically, creating a totally holistic treatment experience.

We also love to vaporise essential oils into the air in our health spa, as a simple deep breath and inhalation is such an easy way to benefit from essential oils.

At Home – Pre blended bath and massage oils, aromatherapy body products, wax melts, candles and diffusers… All of these are really easy, safe and accessible ways to benefit from essential oils at home… BEWARE… not all products are created equal! Many products will boast ‘Rose, Geranium, Lavender’ etc on the label, unfortunately in most cases you will be getting a synthetic fragrance. In short, it has all the smells but It does not affect your body/olfactory system in the same way, therefore giving you none of the physical benefits of the essential oils… choose wisely and choose carefully, put down those ‘fragranced’ products!

The Power of Plants 

The list of what essential oils can do really is HUGE, too much for a blog post. Harnessing the power of these incredible oils can really have a positive impact on your health, help to treat skin conditions, improve your mental state and reduce fatigue and stress. Various essential oils have antiviral, antifungal, insecticidal, and antioxidant properties.

We place aromatherapy at the heart of our Letterbox Beauty products, from skincare to candles, our products have essential oils as key ingredients, allowing us to deliver those incredible smells, with all the benefits! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming focused blogs on different essential oils and their specific properties, how they can help YOU!

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