Why moving with the seasons is so important

Why moving with the seasons is so important

When I started on my acupuncture journey I knew that I wanted to help people and learn more about effective natural healthcare. By the time I had finished my degree I found that the holistic health knowledge had shaped my own lifestyle and the way I live my own life.

Our modern world and way of living can be quite detached from the natural world, with a push for 24/7 services and high pressure for instant delivery and results. A lot of us live a very busy, fast paced lifestyle. Our habits can often stay the same, regardless of the change in the seasons. Really it is a huge benefit to live in harmony with the seasons, to go with the flow and to make those small changes to our lifestyles that can keep us in step with a more natural rhythm. Your body and mind will thank you for tuning in to your surroundings and being mindful of the phase you are currently in.

SPRING – One of my favourite seasons, where we start to experience more light, the daytime becomes longer and the weather gets warmer. As the waters unfreeze, so must we, be outside more and move your body. Enjoy those warmer days and feel the excitement of things to come.

A lot of people like to plan in the spring, I always think it’s an interesting time to have the end of the financial year, as it often means we look to a new year and new planning. Spring cleaning is common, as the urge to dust everything off for a fresh start is totally natural. Allow yourself to feel excited for the coming months.

Emotional mood swings are also common at this time of year, the weather can sometimes have you feeling like you don’t know if you are coming or going! Listen to how you feel and don’t ditch the early nights and snuggly blankets just yet.


SUMMER – Embrace the warmth and the sunshine! Lots of daylight can make you so much more productive, keep moving forward and as nature flourishes, so do we. Enjoying regular exercise, is important, but be mindful of the extra heat and be kind to your body. Just like most plants, we shouldn’t be in direct sunlight all day and we will need extra watering too!

These months are often well known for big change and lots of excitement as we tend to feel more energised and motivated. Don’t feel pressure to do anything drastically different… Nature follows the same cycle year in, year out, don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel!


AUTUMN – Falling leaves is the first thing that comes to mind for most, this is easily translated into our lives as the shedding of those things that no longer serve us. As we start to wind down into cooler weather and the evenings begin to draw in, take some time to evaluate what works for you and look to change those things that don’t.

Breathe in that crisp autumn air and use this time to declutter your mind and soul.  Gathering with friends is of great importance this time of year, as we prepare to go into a natural hibernation.


WINTER – The season that divides opinion! I personally love it because I’m a HUGE fan of Christmas, but it can be a challenging time for many. The nights are long and the days feel darker and colder, listen to your body and how you feel. You will naturally want to move less, taking up a new exercise regime should not be top of your list.

The world outside is cold and nature is dormant, turn your attention to your home and enjoy your own space. Winter is naturally a slower pace, take those early nights, snuggle on the sofa, eat warming foods. You are safe in the knowledge that spring is only just around the corner and there is absolutely no rush!


Learning to live with the seasons and accept how we naturally feel can be so beneficial, it can make you feel harmonised and more accepting of your mood and feelings. So for me I’m really loving spring so far… getting ready to drag the duster out for the spring cleaning!

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