Who we are - behind the scenes

Who we are - behind the scenes

When we started Letterbox Beauty, most of our customers knew us, having visited our holistic health spa 'Old Farm Spa' in Harby. However we really have grown over the last few months, receiving orders from all over the UK and from people who may not know who we are, or what we do. So I'll try to give a quick run down... We are a family business, but we have lots of help and some wonderful people involved, all of whom we could not do without! 

So if you are interested in the people behind the business then read on...

Katie - I'll put my hand up and say I'm in charge! The idea for Letterbox Beauty came to me in the first lockdown, as I was trying to think of a way to connect with clients that couldn't visit the spa. My training and background is in Holistic Health, with a degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I am also an experienced Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. I'm passionate about what I do and absolutely LOVE my job!

For Letterbox Beauty I take on the daily role of packing your beautiful parcels of self care and writing your personalised notes (you are all keeping me pretty busy right now, so it's great fun). I have curated each and every set, including writing all of the step by step instructions for your spa rituals. I've tried my very best to give you a little bit of our spa in each box, to create a thoughtful way to gift someone some relaxation. I wanted to make sure when we set up Letterbox Beauty that it wasn't just another gift company. It really does draw on our knowledge and experience from Old Farm Spa, to create something special and totally unique. 

Jonny - Has had to take on the role of IT, mainly because I am so useless at it! My husband Jonny has done an incredible job of building our website, making it really functional and easy to use. He has also been roped into some local deliveries and collecting stock, at times he's had to be a bit of an errand boy, but not once has he complained. It really has been a massive team effort, we started Letterbox Beauty with two children under two and there's absolutely no way I could have done it alone. He has been THE most incredible support.

Jodi - This very talented lady also happens to be my best friend, we actually did our Aromatherapy training together many years ago! While I went down the treatment route, Jodi turned her hand to aromatherapy product making and she is SO incredible at it. She has a lovely business 'Naturally Good Scents' that usually supplies to us for the spa, but has cleverly tweaked packaging and products to allow us to pop them into our letterbox sets and send them out. If you could smell her products on social media I think she would be a millionaire!

Bryony - One of our wonderful therapists from Old Farm Spa just so happens to be a social media whizz. Although currently not working in the spa, Bryony is helping to keep you all in the loop and creating lots of fantastic social media posts, so that you can all enjoy seeing what we have been up to. 

Spa Therapists - While the spa has been open, my wonderful team of therapists have been chipping in to help package skincare products. With all the facials we have sent out, this is no mean feat!

EVERYONE ELSE - This blog would go on forever if I mentioned everyone by name; we are also SO lucky to work with a whole host of talented and brilliant people, graphic designer, artist, photographer, copywriter, brand ambassadors, the list really does go on! 

Please don't forget that when you are supporting our business, you are also supporting all these incredible hardworking people, who love what they do just as much as we do (that's why we work with them!)

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