Tips to Battle Insomnia

Tips to Battle Insomnia

Most of us have experienced sleepless nights at one point or another, but when it becomes a regular occurrence and sleep just won't come it can really impact on your day to day life.


Here are a few simple tips that can help...


- Regular sleep patterns - 

Having a set time that you go to bed and wake up can really help your body recognise what time it is. If you are struggling to get to sleep at night and snoozing in bed all morning to catch up on sleep, try to set a specific waking time to get yourself into a regular pattern. 


- A blissful bedroom - 

This means different things to different people, but some examples are - free from clutter, dark and quiet. Try to avoid keeping work related items in your bedroom, or electrical devices that give off bright lights when charging etc.


- Move during the day - 

Keeping active during the day can really help to tire your body out. It usually easier to sleep when your body is craving stillness and rest.


- Cut out stimulants - 

Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine are the main culprits here, if you can't give them up completely, try to have at least a few hours free from stimulants before bedtime, it will allow your body to begin to wind down.


- Journaling - 

If your body feels tired and your mind is still whirling it might be useful to journal about your day, or write a to do list before bed. This practice can really help to clear your mind and transfer your thoughts to the paper!



Obviously going to be our favourite one!!! There are lots of things you can do to relax and again it is different for everyone. Read a book, have a hot bath, follow a bedtime skincare routine, use aromatherapy oils (pulse points, pillow sprays etc). Doing something self care related before bed can help your body switch off from the days activity and give your body a cue to relax. 


If you feel you need a helping hand, then alternative therapy can really help, treatments such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology can all have a positive effect on sleep patterns. Make an appointment with your GP if you feel that your insomnia is out of control, it doesn't mean you have to stop doing all the other points, but they can give you more specific advice relating to your own personal health.


There's nothing more restorative than a good nights sleep, so it's really worth persevering to get it right! Happy sleeping everyone!

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