Are your scented candles giving you headaches?

Are your scented candles giving you headaches?

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? They add a warm glow to any room, making your space feel warm and atmospheric. They can instil feelings of calm and relaxation, helping you unwind after a busy day. There are so many candles on the market right now, but have you ever really thought about the difference between them?

The main body of a scented candle is made by blending a base oil with a scented oil before pouring and allowing to set. Typically you will see three types of scented candles on the market…

  • Paraffin wax and artificial fragrance oil – cheaper to produce and often seen in mass production. These candles are safe and tested, but have also been linked to headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea and flu like symptoms. It is a double whammy of synthetic chemicals and fragrance.
  • Soy wax and artificial fragrance oil - You will probably notice that a lot of hand poured or artisan candles are made from soy wax and will therefore claim their ‘natural’ status, however they can still be blended with synthetic fragrance oil. These types of candles will sometimes contain a higher volume of fragrance oil, to really make you feel like you are getting a high quality product. Be warned… studies show that high quantities of synthetic fragrance produce more soot, which can be inhaled. They are typically middle of the road price wise (although some highly priced branded candles are in this category!)
  • Soy wax and essential oil – Compeltely non-toxic, Natural wax and naturally scented candles, you not only get the scent of the natural essential oils, but they also carry some of their therapeutic properties directly to your body via your olfactory system (sense of smell). It takes a lot of care and a lot of skill and knowledge to blend these candles perfectly (which is another reason they are hard to find) BUT when you smell an aromatherapy candle, it is pure, natural and good for your wellbeing!

You can call us candle snobs, but we ONLY use aromatherapy candles in our hampers and gift sets, it is something I’m really passionate about. I often think about how many people are burning those synthetic fragrances that can be so misleading labelled as ‘Lavender’ or ‘natural’. Candles are a beautiful thing, but why not make them good for you as well?

(Image credit: Naturally Good Scents)

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