Are you using the right exfoliator for your skin?

Are you using the right exfoliator for your skin?

We all know the temptation to opt for a rough, grainy exfoliator, to give your face a REALLY good scrub and feel like you have got value for money and a nice deep exfoliation. It might surprise you to hear that no matter what your skin type, this really isn’t the best approach for your skin.

Exfoliants are either a physical scrub, which will detach skin cells with a manual action; these scrubs are great, but you must make sure the beads are spherical, or you can create an uneven surface on the skin. A chemical exfoliation is the other option, which will digest or lift skin cells. These vary in strength, so finding the appropriate one for your skin type is really important.

So the question everyone wants to know… Which one is right for you?

Sensitive skin – choose your exfoliator wisely, you need to ensure you won’t aggravate or damage your skin. A spherical beaded exfoliator can be used gently, with light movements (Eve Taylor Exfoliating Scrub) or a gentle enzyme exfoliant can be really effective, giving an even tone and only removing the cells which are already dead, therefore freshening the complexion without causing any damage (Eve Taylor Microfine Exfoliant).

Mature skin – In order to help to remove pigmentation and brighten the skin tone your best bet is a chemical exfoliation. Don’t panic, they don’t need to be full of synthetic nasties to get great results. Fruit based enzyme exfoliants will give a more gentle surface exfoliation and can be used daily (Eve Taylor Microfine Exfoliant). Alternatively, Fruit acid exfoliants will give you the most thorough exfoliation, releasing bonded skin cells that are surface lying and increasing cell turnover (Eve Taylor Active Complex Exfoliant).

Hyperpigmentation – (The fancy word for sun damaged or uneven patches of melanin). You really want to increase the turnover of cells and get a deep exfoliation for the best product absorption, so a fruit acid exfoliant is best (Eve Taylor Active Complex Exfoliant).

Oily/Combination Skin – It’s really important with these skin types that there is an even exfoliation so chemical exfoliants are usually best. A daily use of a light, non-abrasive exfoliator (Eve Taylor Microfine Exfoliant) OR a weekly resurfacing exfoliator that will remove congestion will really help to brighten the skin and clear breakouts (Active Complex Exfoliant).

On a final note, as a skincare specialist, I cannot finish this article without mentioning moisturising. It is so important to replenish lost moisture and rehydrate the skin after exfoliating, even for oily skin types. Also don’t forget any targeted products applied to exfoliated skin will absorb to a much deeper level and will therefore be much more effective.

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